is a unique effort to bring together all stakeholders of the cashew industry - the producer of raw nuts, the processors and the kernel buyers, by-product users, suppliers of technology, logistics, quality systems firms, supplier of capital, governmental agencies and the retail consumers. The key to this effort is the role of information and knowledge, which we intend to build through your cooperation and our in-house research.

Since 2001 we are releasing the weekly newsletter Cashew Week, which is available for subscribers through email & website login. The newsletter provides comprehensive weekly updates & information on cashew markets across the globe.

After years of extensive research we are glad to bring out the 4th edition of "Cashew Handbook 2014 - Global Perspective" which provides rich and exhaustive information about the cashew industry. The 1st edition of Cashew Handbook was released in 2002, 2nd edition in 2008, 3rd edition in 2011. is part of Foretell Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, promoter of important & global conference India International Gold Convention ( We carry immense knowledge and experience creating global networking platforms for the benefit of the industry.

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